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Evidence Evidence Evidence

Evidence Evidence Evidence

Written on Sun, 19 March 2017

Evidence! Is evidence all that truly matters?

Science is a wonderful subject that advanced humanity through the ages. Electricity, automobiles, aeroplanes, internet, medicines, satellites, etc... They could be considered the marvel of modern times. Yet, science seems to be at odds with creation, or is it?

A question of authority

At the heart of the conflict is the difference in worldviews. On one hand, there are those who subject to the authority of God, and on the other, those who reject the authority. The ones who reject will instead put man's ideas as the authority of truth.

When we start with the God's word, we start from Genesis 1:1. We know about 6 days of creation, the order of creation, the 7 day cycle of each week. On top of that, we know certain moralities, such as wearing clothes, marriage, and bearing children. Most importantly, we know that Christ already had a plan to step down on Earth in the first book of the Bible.

But what happens when we start with man's ideas? We observe the rejection of what's beyond the natural. We determine that we are the all and end all. Suddenly, we determine our own moralities, such as redefining marriage. We determine our own truths.

All evidence are the same

All scientists draw their conclusions from the same evidence. Evidence does not speak for itself, but interpreted through a belief system.

We see naturalists doing so. When they noticed so many gaps in the evolutionary tree of their worldview, they proposed punctuated equilibrium. How does a creationist interpret this evidence? It is evidence of creation, that every animal was created after their kind.

When naturalists look at DNA, they admit there is complexity involved. However, the mathematical odds are so astronomical, that in order to come to terms with it, Earth is proposed to be prebiotic to form "hot dilute soup" in which organic compounds could have formed. This isn't science to begin with, but a belief system trying to make evidence fit in itself. How does a creationist interpret this evidence? It's the evidence of a designer.

Naturalists will continually reject the Authority

I could go on with how naturalists come up with proposals to fit the evidence in their worldview. At the heart of what they do, they are making attempts to reject God. For as long as naturalists do not admit their faith, they will hold on to their version of truth and reject God's truth.