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Sonarwhal - The best linting tool, so far

Sonarwhal - The best linting tool, so far

Written on Thu, 23 November 2017

I have been using Sonarwhal to check my website for errors for quite a while. This is quite a useful tool to get your website checked for best practises and errors.

So far, I have managed to clear out many issues raised by the online scanner provided free-of-charge. The downside of the scanner right now, is that I cannot set rules. Like I can't ignore certain domains that are not under my control, thus it reports their errors. The other downside I face is also a timeout between scans. I like to scan each time I make a site modification, which can be seconds apart. You can install this tool on your local premise to overcome these limitations.

Some of the errors and best practises I have done are like HSTS, PWA, and other security headers. It's a good tool to use. Give it a try for free.