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Juno uncovers creation secrets

Juno uncovers creation secrets

Written on Wed, 13 July 2016

On 5th August 2011, NASA launched Juno, a spacecraft containing 9 scientific instruments, to Jupiter. After a 5 year journey, it has arrived and entering its orbit to begin mapping Jupiter.

Now, to understand why Juno mission, one must understand the importance of Jupiter in our solar system. From our human perspective, Jupiter is the second most important planet in our solar system. It is the largest planet, so large that all the other planets masses combined and Jupiter is still larger by 2.5 times. Our gas giant has the mass of 1/1000 of our sun, so massive that its barycenter with the Sun lies above the Sun's surface at 1.068 solar radii from the Sun's center. Jupiter affects a lot of things in our solar system.

The mission is the find out how the the solar system was created. Now, it is important to remember that we do not have a clue as to how the solar system is formed. Many scientist have come up with various hypothesis to explain the creation of Jupiter, and thus everything else in our solar system. Here's 2 popular hypothesis:

These hypothesis didn't take into account of creation in Genesis. In the bible, we know that God spoke, and everything came to be. Honestly, I speak many things, but I've never observe me creating anything other than sound waves and some personal motivation! Regardless, we don't really have a clue as to how God create our solar system, and literally, everything else in the observable universe. I'm not going to come up with any hypothesis to suggest anything.

Juno's mission is scheduled to last for 20 months. Let's hope we can get answers to understand our solar system, and perhaps have a better clue about our past.
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